In Case It Missed You 004: Complexity, Chaos, and Bad decisions 😅

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Getting a complex. In these troubling times, prognostication can be a fool’s errand. Which is why it may be a good time to get more comfortable with the fact that we live in a complex system. And guessing what’s going to happen next within those systems is almost always fraught with failure. But we can still effect positive change. If we understand these systems and their dynamics. More in Aeon.

Embrace the chaos. Sometimes, complex systems can appear chaotic. So getting comfortable with chaos may actually give us more confidence in analyzing the current state of affairs. Understand that we’re part of chaos, a fragile complex system. It’s not the order we desire, but it’s the chaos we have. More in Boundless.

Conserving complexity. Sure, we’d all like things to be less chaotic and more simple. But there may be an intrinsic value in complication. And maybe that’s why the simple life we crave is not the life we should pursue. More in fs.

But even amidst all of the chaos, there is the opportunity to provide certainty. Because, clearly, that is what folks are craving. Certainty. But how do you do that? How do we get there? And how do we help others? Andrew Spittle has thoughts.

Speaking of chaos… rural connectivity. As a nation, we’ve clearly never had the foresight to plan for the Internet to be a prevalent and accessible utility. Like electricity. Or phones. But in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the weaknesses of that lack of vision are coming into sharp relief. More in The Verge.

Rethinking the concept of tech hub. There is a tendency to assume that the established and prominent tech hubs will attract talent and companies. But maybe it’s time to flip that thinking. More from the World Economic Forum.

Or maybe these are all just bad decisions. How can we tell? Well there are any number of indicators that our myopic view may be influencing or contributing to those bad decisions. Here are some warning signs. More from the Collaborative Fund.

Speaking of bad decisions… Under the weight of pandemic stress and mandated work from home, are you feeling like this whole eight hour workday is, well, unworkable? Maybe that’s because the concept was flawed from the start. More in Wired.

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